Boston Sessions at a Glance

  Day 1: Apple, Google, Microsoft Day 2: STEAM Day 3: Digital Pedagogy
 Lori Ayotte Understanding history, literature, science and culture with Google Maps and Google Earth  Virtual Museum Tours: Using Art as Text Visual Literacy Through Animoto: Making New Meanings of Text Through Short Films
 Marek Beck and David Saunders Redefining Teaching and Learning with Google Apps for Education Google+ STEAM = Future Ready Education Secrets Revealed for the Best Professional Learning Resources in the World!
 Jeffrey Bradbury     Are you a Final Cut PRO??? Video Editing Tips and Tricks to help you create that perfect Audition tape Share your classroom with the world through Podcasting and Broadcasting
 Holly Doe Collaborative Mapping with Google Tools STEAM and Literature in the Elementary Classroom Let's Go Viral-Living in a Multimedia World
 Christy Fennewald     Secrets of a Google Ninja Making over your library Google Apps Hacks
 Cori Frede You Don't Need To Be Creative To Create A Classroom Website Putting the YOU Back in YouTube Communicating in the 21st Century
 Stephanie Hoban Google Forms as a Formative Assessment Tool  Use Explain Everything to Explain the Mathematical Proportions of Art Moving Your Classroom to the 21st Century 
 Julie Kelley Trans-FORM your Teaching with multi-page Google Forms Get out the Map! Flip your Class with Google Forms
 Andy Losik If you can't make it in Keynote, you don't need it. Start those Code Monkeys early! Shoot like a pro! Teaching visual grammar in photos and film
 Heidi MacGraegor Choose Your Own Adventure with YouTube Creator Studio Green Screen Video Making Mastering Geography with Mystery Hangouts
 Sandra Wozniak Drive them to think…Not Yo Momma’s Current Events Hot & STEAMy Gets you to the Core Hard “Core” Discussion Tools Get them Flippin’ Thinkin’